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Cassandra Nelson- Artist Statement

The images I create are meant to evoke positive emotion and awaken the senses of the viewer. I enjoy conjuring feelings of joy, hope, gratitude and possibility through my artwork and call my genre "positive art", named after the positive psychology and education movements. The use of vibrant blocks of color, smattered brush strokes, and bold, contrasting patterns allow the viewer many opportunities to enjoy new insights again and again. My painting style could be described as impressionism meeting abstract expressionism for a drink and spontaneously starting a social movement together. I want the viewer to recognize the everyday objects they are looking at, feel energy I offer, but have the freedom to add dimension to the story as they wish. 


The most important focus of my work is illuminating the relationships between essential nutrients, wellbeing and living a quality life. I work in oil paint and pastel because it allows me to experiment with composition, color, texture, and style as I go- without being confined by the demands of rigid, precise details. This helps keep the process playful for me and allows for a feeling of mystery, depth and imagination on the part of the viewer. Alternatively, when I want to express definition, realism or elements of pop-culture, I grab my camera and capture portraits, still and candid moments, through my lens. I work with a handful of series at a time, jumping back and forth between them. Variety is the spice of my art life and I enjoy juxtaposing styles and media throughout my work. Current special series I am in the process of creating right now are the following (and can be viewed under the Artwork tab):


The Slow Life: Still lifes inspired by the slow food movement

"Lift" By Cassandra Nelson- 2016

From the Fit Series

11" x 14" Oil Painting on Wood Panel

"Sexy Beets" By Cassandra Nelson- 2016

From The Slow Life Series

6" X 8" Oil Painting on Wood Panel